The Woman

Dolly is the Founder and Creative Director of Harriet & Co, with an eye for design in not just graphic but also interior, homeware, and branding. Dolly's unique and recognisable aesthetic approach and designs has transformed Harriet & Co into an arthouse, creating original concept campaigns for many brands. Dolly has taken the role as Creative Director and has worked with many brands such as Country Road, Mint Home, Social Affair, Cacaote and Perfume Connection. One of her homeware styling has also been featured in Herald Sun's home magazine

The Brand 

Created in July 2015, Harriet & Co rapidly gained more than 1000 followers on Instagram in just a month. Dolly's obsession with interior and gold-brass geometric homeware designs turn into exquisitely curated layouts featuring a style that is contemporary and simple with a mix of pop-up gold colour. Harriet & Co Studio offers full service interior styling, graphic design, branding, wall art prints and range of homeware products. At Harriet & Co, Dolly is involved in all the creative aspects of the studio, from concept designs and social media to photography. "Oh, For the Love of Gold" is currently a new homeware range collection designed and produced by Dolly. With the signature style of gold foil and brass in each product to create uniqueness and authenticity.