5 Tips on Styling a Small Space

Let's be honest, styling a small space can be frustrating and less desirable! The limited space to play around and renovating could be a nightmare! Here are 5 tips on how to style a small space.

1. Light it up! 

Keep things light, bright and cheery. Darker colour have the tendency of making space appear smaller, whereas lighter colours open things up. White colour paint is always the best option! You can choose between off white, beige or bright white with a hint of blue tone that we could warm it up with the right LED light. Be careful not to choose colour that is too cream or too grey because in time, the colour would look tired and wash off.

Source:  thespruce.com

Not only that a white painted wall is the key to bright room but also a soft colour furniture too. It will help to lighten up the space. I recommend white or beige colour furniture, especially for female clients. If you like to incorporate black or dark coloured furniture for a monochrome look, try to have an open shelf and slim line furniture instead of heavy build-in cabinet.

An open wall shelf is great for a narrow small kitchen, it opens up the area and looks clean. Try to avoid showing too much of your glassware and dish, it could look clutter and dusty. Just showcase the things you used the most on your daily life. 

2. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional or multipurpose furniture is a game changer. A table that can be easily rolled out for use or tucked away if unneeded. IKEA range has a lot to offer when it comes to a multipurpose furniture, from a 4 seater dining table onto a 6 seater, or a folding wall table that is perfect for a studio apartment's workspace area. Personally, I would use a round marble table for both dining and workspace! Clever and yet still sophisticated. 

3. Zoning the Area

Small spaces require a certain level of definition to avoid things looking messy. Furniture and rug are both great ways to create zones. It is important to have a room divider to create a sense of space, so it looks like every pieces are belong to their space. For example, by putting the right size rug on the living room create its zone even though it is placed next to the study desk or workspace area. We could use a console table to divide the room by putting it behind the sofa or next to the end of armchair.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: pinterest

Source: pinterest

4. Look up!

Adding artwork to your home that stretches from the floor to the ceiling will distort the perception of the height, making the space feel larger. Avoid using too much of colourful artwork and heavy frames, it will create a unwanted focal point that makes the space looks narrow.

Another great tips shown on the image: A mix and match artworks that frame up the television would create a perception of height and also illusion to make the television part of the gallery wall. 

5. Less is More

Make time to go through your possessions regularly, you'll be surprised at what a difference it can make to a space once you clear the junk out. Do you really need those stacks of folders you had back in the Uni days? or those old magazines and plastic drawers? Keep it simple, keep it clean! 

10 Chic Table Lamps with Gold / Brass Accents

Harriet & Co is nothing without showing more gold or brass accents into interior! I have been obsessed with home decor since I was a teenager. The idea of having a great house with wonderful interior is one of my goal in life. When other girls was spending so much money on new clothes and make up, I spent it on home decor and furniture! I like to rearranged my bedroom every year and table lamp is one of the essential thing that I have changed quite frequent. Here are my current picks for gold / brass accents table lamps: 


1. Grey Table Lamp from Kmart, $15. A great choice for task lighting, our table lamp is a contemporary decorative accent for any bedroom. It comes with 2 colours, gold and black.

2. Mirabella Hudson Table Lamp from Big W, $10. Brighten up your living space with this Mirabella Hudson Table Lamp. This contemporary and sleek lamp features a simplistic round base, skinny neck and a classic round globe. This stylish table lamp will easily compliment any existing decor, perfect for your minimalist bedroom! 

3. Bloomingdale Spoke Desk Lamp from Pillow Talk, SALE to $69. This oddly shape scallop wire base lamp is perfect for any room! It comes in 2 colours, gold and rose gold. But obviously I'm going to choose for the gold one.

4. Brass Bourke Table Lamp from Interior Secrets, $155. Add a bit of contemporary luxe mixed with vintage appeal from this lamp. White marble round base for good looks and lasting sturdiness. Spherical glass with a smoky grey finish to diffuse harsh light. 

5. Tobin Table Lamp by Home Republic, available in Adairs, $95. Solid ceramic with metallic polished for the luxe style. This type of table lamp is great for living room and hallway. Place it on the console table next to the mirror, perfect! 

6. Band Table Lamp by Home Republic, available in Adairs, $60. Concrete has been trending for almost 2 years now. Additional of gold accents on the bottom makes this simple lamp into a stunning luxurious piece for your room. 

7. Kent Table Lamp from Bunnings, $269. When it comes to table lamp, people wont think to find it in Bunnings because Bunnings is a hardware store. But I went to Bunnings a lot to check some material and found this hidden gem! A French fold polished finished metal base lamp with a black linen drum shade. Finished with a rolled edge, with gold lining. Perfect to style a minimalist and contemporary apartment or house. 

8. Pillar Table Lamp - Marble from West Elm, $349. Another stunning table lamp collection from West Elm. I can't get enough with them as I always featured their products on my blog. Love this design, it's straight and narrow. Featuring a marble-finished base and white linen shade, the Pillar Table Lamp looks right at home in a mid-century room. Its size and scale are perfect for a bedside table or living room console. 

9. Millie Brass Table Lamp from Bunnings, $102. Back to Bunnings, this stylish brass table lamp adds a modern metallic accent to any living space or bedroom. Matching pendants available as well! The size is pretty big with 44 cm diameter, make sure to have a wide table for this gem! 

10. Geometric Gold Table Lamp from Target USA, $29. This last one is my favourite table lamp! Target USA has done it again, we have the similar one in Australia but I couldn't find it online (hence there is no link on this one). Some other brands has also released the same model with black and rose gold colour. Since Harriet is all about that sexy geometric shape, this table lamp is Harriet's choice for sure. Perfect in any modern and contemporary room! 


How to Decorate Your Bedroom for a Better Sleep

At the end of a busy day, you want nothing more than to get a good night’s sleep — but that’s sometimes easier said than done. As an interior decorator, I have decorated many spaces, and a good night’s sleep is something that I take into account when selecting items for a bedroom. You really want to make your bedroom conducive for an amazing night’s rest. Here are my tips to help you stop counting sheep and get your eight hours of rest.


An amazing mattress is always key, but personal preference plays into this quite a bit. Some like it firm, others soft, and many like something in between. I always recommend trying them out first. If you could splurge more, memory foam would be the best choice for comfort and long lasting bed. 

Once your mattress is in place, the next important item is bedding. I know there are many bed-in-a-bag options out there, but I recommend spending a little bit more and picking out something you love and paying attention to fabric options. Linen is a great option for bedding, because it’s cold when you need it to be and warm when you need to be. 

I’m all about a cozy bed and I recommend to get 1000 to 1200 thread-count for bed sheet and quilt sets from your favourite linen brand. I have been using the same brand for almost 5 years now, Sheridan and PERI Homeworks Collection. I bought the same pattern just a different colour every single time. My most favourite pillow to have a good night sleep is definitely Ploh pillow. It's pricey but worth every penny! 

Sheridan 1200Tc Millennia Quilt Cover, photo by  Sheridan

Sheridan 1200Tc Millennia Quilt Cover, photo by Sheridan


Sometimes you need a little help to get into a relaxing and cozy state, and one method of getting relaxed quickly is through scent. I recommend soy scented candles or diffuser placed on your night stand. If I have more spare money, I would spend it on fresh flowers every Sunday! Not only you can sleep better, but the smells of your favourite scents every morning will create a mood boost to start your day! My favourite brand for candles will always be Glasshouse, but when I'm in Indonesia, I couldn't get any Glasshouse brand, so I switched to local brands such as Euódia Home, their Burnt Fig soy scented candle is the bomb! 

A collection of best candles, Source by  Vienna Wedekind

A collection of best candles, Source by Vienna Wedekind


Don’t forget about your windows when designing your bedroom. You don’t know how many times I have seen paper or sheets covering a window instead of an actual window treatment. I prefer to have a simple double curtain with neutral colour. Some people like their bedroom to be dark and black out liner is amazing for them. It will literally make your bedroom a cocoon, and you won’t know if it’s day time or night time when they are drawn.

Paint can also be considered a layer in a room. I always go with a light and moody colour that really helps bring a cozy and warm feel to the space.  


Sure you have been told by your parents to clean up your room many times. I always believe that a clutter bedroom brings a dark moody feeling and you will feel restless at night. Organise is one of the most important key to create a cozy bedroom. Place everything on their places and try not to have too much electronics around. I, my self do not have a TV in my bedroom and I make the best use of my bedroom's view. It's relaxing to just stare at the sky while sipping chamomile tea before bed time. Clutter free, electronic free, just you and bed. 


When you are trying to fall asleep, overhead lighting is a big no-no. The best lighting for a cozy environment is low lighting. Avoid bright white lights and choose warm white or yellow light instead. Choose a simple nightstand lamp, do not choose the one that chunky and heavy on the eyes. If you don't have enough space on your nightstand or can't be bothered to drill holes on your wall for wall lamps, then a candle is perfect for this too! 

This is my current nightstand lamp that I recently got and also featuring my Harriet & Co gold cushion monogram H. 

This is my current nightstand lamp that I recently got and also featuring my Harriet & Co gold cushion monogram H. 



Blush Crush

I have been obsessed with blush colour for an armchair or an ottoman. It would look perfect in white interior and pair it with light grey sofa or white sofa. What I like the most with blush colour, it is one of the perfect fabric colour with gold accents on it. Here are the list of my top 7 blush armchairs and ottoman!


01. LEXI VELVET ARMCHAIR, $999 from Freedom Furniture Australia. As seen on The Block 2017, The epitome of elegance and glamour. Brushed brass forms a beautifully structured base that cradles the feather-filled cushioned seating, while plush, velvety fabric brings warmth to the modern shape. Lexi’s deep reclined seating boldly welcomes with wide-angled arms for an inviting spot you’ll never want to leave.

02. METAL FRAME UPHOLSTERED CHAIR - DUSTY BLUSH, $999 from West Elm. The modern structure of our Metal Frame Chair is the perfect contrast to its cush, tailored cushions, for a look that manages to read both industrial and glam. It's the armchair we all have our eyes on.

03. VELVET OCCASIONAL CHAIR, $49 from Kmart Australia. This affordable blush velvet occasional chair from Kmart is a steal! The size of this velvet chair is perfect to pair it with round dining table or occasional chairs in the living room. 

04. ROAR + RABBIT GEO OTTOMAN - OCTAGON, $429 from West Elm. Compact and lightweight, the Roar + Rabbit Geo Ottoman defines multifaceted—it easily transitions from ottoman to entryway bench to coffee table when topped with a tray. (Hint: arrange it next to the longer version for a modern living room set up)

05. ROAR + RABBIT SWIVEL CHAIR - DUSTY BLUSH, $1,299 from West Elm. Creative firm Roar + Rabbit™ designs textiles, furniture and home accessories that blend modern style with whimsical details. Upholstered in super-soft velvet, this swivel chair's subtle shine gives it a modern feel, with pleating on the back for extra charm.

06. VELVET OTTOMAN - BLUSH, $29 from Kmart Australia. Another steal from Kmart! I just can't have enough with Kmart's product. There is nothing like coming back home after a tiring day and putting your feet up on this velvet ottoman. Its made from plywood with medium-density fibreboard frame and pine frame.

07. MERCER + REID MANDARIN CHAIR BLUSH, $199 from Adairs Australia. Simple and sophisticated, the Mandarin chairs feature thin metal legs with a rounded upholstered seat and back. The Mandarin Chairs from Mercer + Reid are the perfect complement to a bedroom or living space. The soft colour palette of silver or blush allows you to style it with almost any colour of decorator cushion or throw.