10 Chic Table Lamps with Gold / Brass Accents

Harriet & Co is nothing without showing more gold or brass accents into interior! I have been obsessed with home decor since I was a teenager. The idea of having a great house with wonderful interior is one of my goal in life. When other girls was spending so much money on new clothes and make up, I spent it on home decor and furniture! I like to rearranged my bedroom every year and table lamp is one of the essential thing that I have changed quite frequent. Here are my current picks for gold / brass accents table lamps: 


1. Grey Table Lamp from Kmart, $15. A great choice for task lighting, our table lamp is a contemporary decorative accent for any bedroom. It comes with 2 colours, gold and black.

2. Mirabella Hudson Table Lamp from Big W, $10. Brighten up your living space with this Mirabella Hudson Table Lamp. This contemporary and sleek lamp features a simplistic round base, skinny neck and a classic round globe. This stylish table lamp will easily compliment any existing decor, perfect for your minimalist bedroom! 

3. Bloomingdale Spoke Desk Lamp from Pillow Talk, SALE to $69. This oddly shape scallop wire base lamp is perfect for any room! It comes in 2 colours, gold and rose gold. But obviously I'm going to choose for the gold one.

4. Brass Bourke Table Lamp from Interior Secrets, $155. Add a bit of contemporary luxe mixed with vintage appeal from this lamp. White marble round base for good looks and lasting sturdiness. Spherical glass with a smoky grey finish to diffuse harsh light. 

5. Tobin Table Lamp by Home Republic, available in Adairs, $95. Solid ceramic with metallic polished for the luxe style. This type of table lamp is great for living room and hallway. Place it on the console table next to the mirror, perfect! 

6. Band Table Lamp by Home Republic, available in Adairs, $60. Concrete has been trending for almost 2 years now. Additional of gold accents on the bottom makes this simple lamp into a stunning luxurious piece for your room. 

7. Kent Table Lamp from Bunnings, $269. When it comes to table lamp, people wont think to find it in Bunnings because Bunnings is a hardware store. But I went to Bunnings a lot to check some material and found this hidden gem! A French fold polished finished metal base lamp with a black linen drum shade. Finished with a rolled edge, with gold lining. Perfect to style a minimalist and contemporary apartment or house. 

8. Pillar Table Lamp - Marble from West Elm, $349. Another stunning table lamp collection from West Elm. I can't get enough with them as I always featured their products on my blog. Love this design, it's straight and narrow. Featuring a marble-finished base and white linen shade, the Pillar Table Lamp looks right at home in a mid-century room. Its size and scale are perfect for a bedside table or living room console. 

9. Millie Brass Table Lamp from Bunnings, $102. Back to Bunnings, this stylish brass table lamp adds a modern metallic accent to any living space or bedroom. Matching pendants available as well! The size is pretty big with 44 cm diameter, make sure to have a wide table for this gem! 

10. Geometric Gold Table Lamp from Target USA, $29. This last one is my favourite table lamp! Target USA has done it again, we have the similar one in Australia but I couldn't find it online (hence there is no link on this one). Some other brands has also released the same model with black and rose gold colour. Since Harriet is all about that sexy geometric shape, this table lamp is Harriet's choice for sure. Perfect in any modern and contemporary room!