5 Tips on Styling a Small Space

Let's be honest, styling a small space can be frustrating and less desirable! The limited space to play around and renovating could be a nightmare! Here are 5 tips on how to style a small space.

1. Light it up! 

Keep things light, bright and cheery. Darker colour have the tendency of making space appear smaller, whereas lighter colours open things up. White colour paint is always the best option! You can choose between off white, beige or bright white with a hint of blue tone that we could warm it up with the right LED light. Be careful not to choose colour that is too cream or too grey because in time, the colour would look tired and wash off.

Source:  thespruce.com

Not only that a white painted wall is the key to bright room but also a soft colour furniture too. It will help to lighten up the space. I recommend white or beige colour furniture, especially for female clients. If you like to incorporate black or dark coloured furniture for a monochrome look, try to have an open shelf and slim line furniture instead of heavy build-in cabinet.

An open wall shelf is great for a narrow small kitchen, it opens up the area and looks clean. Try to avoid showing too much of your glassware and dish, it could look clutter and dusty. Just showcase the things you used the most on your daily life. 

2. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional or multipurpose furniture is a game changer. A table that can be easily rolled out for use or tucked away if unneeded. IKEA range has a lot to offer when it comes to a multipurpose furniture, from a 4 seater dining table onto a 6 seater, or a folding wall table that is perfect for a studio apartment's workspace area. Personally, I would use a round marble table for both dining and workspace! Clever and yet still sophisticated. 

3. Zoning the Area

Small spaces require a certain level of definition to avoid things looking messy. Furniture and rug are both great ways to create zones. It is important to have a room divider to create a sense of space, so it looks like every pieces are belong to their space. For example, by putting the right size rug on the living room create its zone even though it is placed next to the study desk or workspace area. We could use a console table to divide the room by putting it behind the sofa or next to the end of armchair.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: pinterest

Source: pinterest

4. Look up!

Adding artwork to your home that stretches from the floor to the ceiling will distort the perception of the height, making the space feel larger. Avoid using too much of colourful artwork and heavy frames, it will create a unwanted focal point that makes the space looks narrow.

Another great tips shown on the image: A mix and match artworks that frame up the television would create a perception of height and also illusion to make the television part of the gallery wall. 

5. Less is More

Make time to go through your possessions regularly, you'll be surprised at what a difference it can make to a space once you clear the junk out. Do you really need those stacks of folders you had back in the Uni days? or those old magazines and plastic drawers? Keep it simple, keep it clean!